Bharti Institute of Public Policy is a premier research centre and education institution, nurturing future leaders in the public policy domain. The objective is to impart high-quality education and conduct insightful research in public policy, cultivate leaders who are skilled in both policy formulation and implementation through world-class programmes, and collaborate with key stakeholders to influence public policy nationally and globally for the social good. The institute focuses on policy-related issues across a wide range of disciplines, ranging from agriculture and food, environment, education, finance, governance, and digital identity, for shaping the future of public policy.
Himachal, known for its scenic beauty, cultural heritage, and tourism industry. Its economy is based on agriculture, horticulture, forestry, hydropower, and pharmaceuticals. The state has a rich cultural heritage, excellent transportation infrastructure, and a network of wildlife sanctuaries and national parks.
"Open data is the key to unlocking innovation, driving transparency, and empowering citizens to make informed decisions"

Mission and Vision

Himachal Data Portal State Open Data Portal aims to create an open data platform that will foster a data-driven ecosystem in Himachal Data Portal. Our mission is to promote transparency, accountability, and innovation in the state by providing citizens, businesses, and policymakers with easy access to high-quality data. By making data available and accessible, we believe that it will enable informed decision-making, facilitate evidence-based policy formulation, and drive economic growth across the state.

Our vision is to create a dynamic open data environment in Himachal Data Portal that will unlock new opportunities, inspire innovation, and foster collaboration among stakeholders. We are committed to promoting the availability and use of open data to enhance governance and drive economic development in the state. Through our open data portal, we aim to bring together data from diverse sources, and encourage its use in developing new services and applications, while ensuring data privacy and security.

We believe that the Himachal Data Portal State Open Data Portal will be a critical tool in improving the overall well-being of the state's population. Our focus is on promoting the use of data for social and economic development, and we are committed to working with citizens, businesses, and policymakers to achieve this goal.